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Last Week of School

Hello Reidenbaugh Families!

This is it! The last week of the 2017-18 school year. We had a fantastic Spring Festival. Thank you Danielle Vitti, Kim Topf and Beth Montague!! You ladies did a wonderful job! Thank you to ALL the volunteers, from classroom baskets to clean up. We couldn't have done this without you!!

We have received emails and cards thanking this PTO for the wonderful things we do for the kids and teachers, for staff and families. It is nice to be appreciated for our dedication. It turns those days when you feel it's way to much work into a real pleasure to be volunteering. Today I want to share a special letter we received this week. Before early dismissal last Friday, we gave a gift to our amazing secretary, Miss Wickenheiser, who is finally going on her dream vacation this summer. The gift was to show her how much we appreciate all she does for the schools, staff, kids and parents. Her reaction and appreciation just made us love her more. Please read below.

Dear Reidenbaugh Families,

Thank you all so much for your amazing gift to me! I have never experienced so much kindness before and I was very much surprised.

This trip has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I was in love with Diana when I was very young, and World History was my favorite subject in school because we learned all about royalty, which to me was very interesting. I have all of you to thank for helping me achieve my goal and be able to see all of the places I have dreamed about and only have seen in books.

While I am traveling I will definitely think about you all often and how grateful I am to work at school that cares as much as you all do. I promise to have many adventures and interesting stories to share with you next school year.

I can’t thank you all enough, I am so blessed!

Thank you!

Ms. W


KIDS FOR A CAUSE: This Monday, June 4, is Kids For A Cause day. All students who bring monetary donation to school may participate in a Dance Party!! Yeah!! This month we are supporting The Autism Society and Schreiber Pediatrics.

WAX MUSEUM: 3rd Grade Wax Museum is tomorrow, Monday, June 4, from 9:30am to 10:15am at the gym. Please park on the parking lots to the left or right of the main entrance.

STEP UP: On the morning of Thursday, June 7, students in all grade levels at Reidenbaugh will participate in Step Up Day. Each class will go to a classroom in the grade level above them and will rotate among the rooms. They will do a short activity with the teachers and have some time to ask questions about next year and learn information about what to expect in the coming year. Fourth graders will go back to Kindergarten and have some fun with their former teachers! We hope this will alleviate any anxiety for students about what to expect the following year, as well as give the teachers a chance to meet the upcoming students.

4TH GRADE CELEBRATION: Thursday evening, June 7, is the fourth grade celebration. This is for 4th grade students only (no parents). Drop off at car rider doors at 6:00pm. Pick up in back by gym doors at 7:30pm.

IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDER SESSION: PDE will be having stakeholder engagement sessions for school leaders and parents. Here you will find invitations to attend the event.- an opportunity to preview and give input into the Future Ready PA Index for you and your parents.

BATHROOM MAKEOVER: Jen Boyer is heading up a cool project at Reidenbaugh Elementary this summer, mid-late June. We will be giving 1 boys and 1 girls bathroom a make over with encouraging and supportive quotes. But she can't do it by herself! She is looking for some volunteers and various items to borrow. Thanks!!

- Volunteers (parents, kids, boys, girls)

- HS/College Art student or crafty person (for pictures & fonts like below - will be able to provide community service letter)

- Stencils of inspirational words or quotes, images like flowers, butterflies, sports

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: Write on your calendars, the last day of school is the following Monday, June 11. School will be dismissed at 12:00pm.

~~~~~FOR THE SUMMER!!~~~~~

FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT: On Wednesday, July 18 we have limited seatings for the movie Hotel Transylvania 3. Just because it's summer doesn't mean Reidenbaugh can't hang out together!! The cost is $7 per person. Send in your cash or check (made out to Reidenbaugh PTO) by Tuesday, June 5 to guarantee your place. No tickets will be issued, instead confirmation will be sent via email. If you have any questions, please contact Roseanne Myers at

LIBRARY: The Manheim Township Public Library has various programs for preschool, elementary, and teens this summer. Click here for the flyer with the information on the programs.

CAMP INVENTION: Transform your summer from ordinary into extraordinary! Does your son/daughter like to build things from parts or pieces of other things? Camp Invention their imagination rules. Join us at Reidenbaugh Elementary School from June 18 to 22, 2018. Click here for more information.

LOOKING FOR A SUMMER MATH TUTOR? Tom Saurer, a former teacher from Reidenbaugh Elementary and current 5th Grade Teacher at Landis Run Intermediate, will continue tutoring Reidenbaugh students in Math this summer (Grades 3-6 - not algebra)! He has been teaching and tutoring in Manheim Township School District for 20 years. For more information and rates, please contact him directly at:

ATHLETICS: The Manheim Township Athletic Department has numerous athletic programs that are offered for grades K-8. Among the summer programs, they have the following camps: Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Field Hockey, Soccer and Football. Here is the link to the MTSD page. Once there, find the sport your child likes and click on the registration link. Let's get those kids active this summer!

Please remember, as you shop for end of year teacher gifts, or family/friend birthday gifts.......please try to shop local small businesses. It is these businesses that are always there to support us!



06/11 - Last Day of School (12:00 dismissal)

If the links seem not to be working, please try it again on a desktop computer. Thank you!

An educational trip request form must be received in the office 1 (one) week prior to the absence or it will not be approved. All school work missed during the trip will be provided after the absence

If you have any questions, or if your child is not at Reidenbaugh anymore, please contact us at

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