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We Need You!

Some PTO events require donations. Others require volunteers.  Please take a look below and find an event you can give us some of you time. We can't do this alone. We need your help to be successful. We need you!

Mrs. Winters is always in need of a helping hand, from helping with a class to organizing the books on the shelf. You can send her an email at and let her know if you have one day or just one hour free.


If you have a camera and want to take pictures of class rooms or school events, Please contact the Yearbook Committee at This is a great way for you to be involved at your own time.


Do you know a craft or like to do something which might interest a child? you could be one of our club instructors. It's only once a week for 45 minutes, a total of 6 weeks. If you are interested, send an email to Clubs Committee at

Volunteer Information

We are so excited to have you as a volunteer!! However, in order to proctect our schools and children, Manheim Township has a guideline for volunteers as well as clearances.  Please click here for all the important information. 

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