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Reidenbaugh PTO supports the Reidenbaugh Elementary school is several ways. One of the most common supports come through a variety of programs sponsored and organized by the PTO together with our school. Here are the usual events/programs we have throughout the school year. 



Art Show

Students, teachers and staff display any and all kids of arts and crafts done by them. The Art Show happens during the Open House. All families are invited to come and enjoy the display by our talented family.


Twice a year Reidenbaugh PTO organizes a Bingo for the families. It is a lot of fun!  The kids get to see their friends and teachers, the families get to hang out with other families. Teachers and volunteers are involved and there are many great prizes for the winners!  BINGO!!!!

Book Fair

Reidenbaugh PTO puts together a Book Fair once a year. It opens up to kids during school hours. Each class is given a time slot to go visit the fair at the school.They can check out the new release, favorite authors and even purchase the books right there. The last day of the Book Fair is at our Open House, where parents are welcome.

Box Tops

Box Tops for Education is a national school earnings program that has been around since 1996. Since then, schools across the country have earned over half a billion dollars from Box Tops to buy whatever they need. 

Please place your clipped Box Tops in Ziploc baggies of no more than 50 per bag. Label each bag with your child’s grade, teacher’s name, & the number of Box Tops in the bag. Remember to check expiration dates. We cannot receive credit for expired Box Tops. Return the labeled bags to your child’s teacher. Please consider registering at the Box Tops website to help Reidenbaugh reach our goal. The website contains recipes, contests, and coupons. Go to for all the details.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christine Mathers at 519-8861 or at


We believe that Clubs are a great way to expose the students to new interests, learn more about something that they already love, enrich them or just get a little energy out before school. We would like to have a wide variety of clubs so that students in every grade level can participate. We will have at least two sessions. Each session will be 4-6 weeks in length. The clubs will take place in the mornings from 8-8:45am.
If you have a passion or talent that you would like to share with the students we would love to have you facilitate a club. The clubs are meant to be an easy and fun experience for everyone. If you would like facilitate a club or if you have any questions feel free to email Leslie Forman at

Family Movie Nights

Twice a year Reidenbaugh PTO organizes a family movie night to get the kiddos and all the Reidenbaugh families together. It takes place at Penn Cinema and tickets sell out fast. Keep your eyes open for when the next one is announced!

Food Drive

In the month of November we have our annual Food Drive. We, as a school, put together several boxes with food for families in need. Not every child/classroom will always have the same item to donate. We also accept Giant gift cards, cash and Giant turkey vouchers. The past 2 years we collected enough food for 23 baskets which is a crazy amount!  Go Grasshoppers!!!

Fun Day

This is a school event where we, Reidenbaugh PTO, help wherever needed. It's organized by Ms. Schlegel, our PE teacher. She prepares several different games and activities and selects a half day for each class to participate and have fun. The kids love this event!!

Fall Social

Fall Festival is a great event for all Reidenbaugh families.  With food trucks and many local businesses, we offer dinner and treats for the families. We also have inflatable fun, games and music. The  kids have a fantastic time with their friends, families and teachers. Let’s not forget about the Costume Parade!  It's so much fun!

Holiday Shop

The Holiday Shop is an annual event where we give the kids a change to do their own holiday shopping for family and friends.  The students have a day to preview the items in the shop, with their classroom. They are not allowed to  purchase any items during this time.  That gives them time to write down what they want to purchase and the cost, so they can check with their parents and guardians. The students are then allowed to shop at specific times selected by teachers (Parents do not shop with the students) in the following couple of days and for a limited time during conferences. Volunteers are always welcome.

Hopperville Bookstore

The Hopperville Bookstore is located in the Reidenbaugh cafeteria from 8:45-9:00am the third Wednesday of each month.  The bookstore consists of your gently used donated books (appropriate for grades K-4th) that are in great shape. We will also take children’s appropriate puzzles, coloring and activity books, music CDs and G/PG rated DVDs. All items cost .25-.50 cents. Children may purchase items with money or a donation coupon. For every 4 items donated, your child earns 1 coupon worth .25 cents. Please place your items in a bag with a piece of paper clearly stating your child's name and home room, so that we may properly forward earned coupons to your child's classroom.

Ice Cream Social

An event that takes place in August before school starts. It's a great opportunities for the kids to see their friends, meet their new teachers and new families can get to know other families also.

Kids for a Cause

Kids for a Cause is a school event where we support a charity or association by bringing loose change to school. The kids who bring some change will get to participate in an event during that day. Sometimes the kids who bring loose change get to wear their PJs at school, other times they have a party!  It's a great way to help a cause and encourage participation.

Poinsettia Sale

Most of us likes to decorate for the holidays. Reidenbaugh offers Poinsettias!! They are beautiful and last all season long!  That time of the year is also a great time to give thanks and gifts to those people who work or helped us throughout the year.  Also, a beautiful way to brighten up an office space around the holiday season. There’s nothing better than saying thank you to someone while supporting Reidenbaugh Elementary.  During the month of November an order form goes home for Poinsettias sale. Pick up day is at the beginning of the month of December. We encourage everyone to reach out to family, neighbors, friends and local businesses to see if they would like to help support Reidenbaugh while decorating for the holidays!

Pre-School Story Time

Do you have a child starting kindergarten this Fall? Is your neighbor new to the area and has a preschooler? Do you know somebody who is moving to our community who has a child at preschool? Well, we have the perfect opportunity for these kids to get to know their future school, Reidenbaugh Elementary. We hosting a Pre-School Story Time with snacks and fun activities all geared towards making the elementary school environment familiar to your little one. All preschool ages welcome to join the fun!

Race for Education

Race for Education is a jog-a-thon, which will involve our students walking and/or jogging around the track fro forty-five minutes. The success of Race for Education is based on sharing your child's personal fundraising webpage address with potential sponsors by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or by sending individuals a sponsor mailer. There are incentives and prizes encouraging students and classroom participation. This program has successfully raised between $50.00 and $75.00 per student in public schools across the country. Reidenbaugh organizes a Race for Education every other year. 

Red, White and Blue Day

The Red, White & Blue Day is when we hold our famous 4th graders against teachers kickball game!! It will take place at the end of May. All classes will go out to watch the game and cheer for their teachers and friends.  Parents are invited to join us at the field behind the school.

Reidenbaugh Gives Back

Once a year Reidenbaugh comes together to give back to a cause. Our PTO is always giving back to the community but this is a major event.

School Play

Reidenbaugh Elementary is bringing back the annual play!!  The kids act, paint, control the lights... Of course, we have many volunteers working behind the scene. However, the children put on a fantastic show with 3 (three) "public" presentations and another couple for the students and staff.

Spirit Wear

Reidenbaugh shirts are sweatshirts are available during Spirit Wear. Come purchase one for your child!! While at it, purchase one for you too!

Spring Festival

This is an amazing event done for the Reidenbaugh families. This event is open to our students and families FREE OF CHARGE! Volunteer participation is key to its success. The kids have tons of fun. From inflatables to rides, from picture booth to dance. Food trucks and local businesses are all there for your enjoyment.  The adults get to chat with many other parents and get to know their kid's friends. There's also raffle tickets and silent auction. This takes place at the end of the school year. 

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

This event is our chance to thank our amazing teachers for all that they do for our children.  These professionals are so dedicated and so good at what they do that the least we can do is prepare a meal for them twice a year.  We really enjoy thanking them and  make sure they get gift cards and have a themed luncheon. Thank you in advance for helping us show appreciation to the teachers and staff at Reidenbaugh!  


Pictures are taken throughout the school year during different school times and events.  These are put together in an year book available for purchase. It's done by the Reidenbaugh PTO. Volunteers are always welcome!!

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