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Week 24

Hello Hopper Families!

Looking ahead at RES......

REIDPTO.COM: Have you ever checked out our website, You really should. Ever want to read the minutes from the past PTO meeting? They are posted here. Need the lunch menu? Also here! Can't pull up any forms in the newsletter- then check the FORMS section of the website. Missed a newsletter? It's posted here. Want to know who runs which event? Also posted here. Check it out!

NO SCHOOL: On Thursday, February 13th, there will be an early dismissal at 1:40pm. Please plan accordingly. There will also be no school, due to teacher inservice day, on Friday, February 14th. As of today, we have not had a snow day, which means that on Monday, Feb. 17th school will be closed. If by any chance we get a snow day this week, Monday, Feb 18 will be a snow makeup day, with a normal school day. Keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed!

KIDS FOR A CAUSE: We will be collecting all loose change and bills on Friday, February 21st! All money collected will go to the Middle School Thon!

FOURTH GRADE CELEBRATION: 4th Grade Parents- It seems far away, but the end of the year will be here before you know it. It's time to start the planning for the 4th Grade celebration. I'm excited to get started and make this a memorable experience for them. However, I need help!! Looking for volunteers to help with ideas, vendors and technical stuff. If you're interested, please email Jen Boyer at Thanks!

FAMILY FUN NIGHT: Save the Date!! On Thursday, March 5th, we will be having a family fun night with Jen's Pottery Den! All proceeds will be donated to a charity voted on by the 4th Graders! Keep an eye out for the flyer.....

SUESSICAL JR: It's getting very close! The play will be held February 28th-March 1st. Keep an eye on your child's folder for the flyer to purchase tickets!

If you are having any problems accessing any of the links, please try from a desktop computer, or check out our website, and go to the Forms section.

If you have moved to another school district or if you child is not going to Reidenbaugh any longer, just send us an email with unsubscribe on the subject line.

Did you know that you can sign up to have the lunch menus emailed to you each month? Check that out here:

Please click here for the February lunch menu.

Don't forget to "like" our Facebook page Reidenbaugh PTO, and check out our website, We can also be reached via email at


2/13: Early Dismissal at 1:40

2/14-2/17: No School

2/19: 2nd Grade Books for Breakfast

2/21: Kids for a Cause collection day

2/28-3/1: School Play

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