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How can we thank you enough...

Happy Spring Break Hoppers families!

As many of us struggle with work, home and giving our time to help this wonderful school, it warms our hearts to know we actually make a difference on the students and teachers lives. I would like to share with you three wonderful "thank you" cards we received. You are a part of this!! For all those who helped out at the events this year please raise your hand up high. Now bend your elbows and pat yourselves on the back! The 30 minutes you volunteer, the monetary contribution you make, goes a long way and makes a difference. That's why we are such a wonderful community. Thank you volunteers for all you do!!

I want to thank the PTO for purchasing books for my classroom from the book fair! I greatly appreciate your generosity! My class is currently doing a unit of study on one of the books that was purchased last year. We want you to know they are used and appreciated!

Thanks again!

~Amy Kurtz (IU13)

Dear Reidenbaugh PTO,

Wow! Thanks so much for the additional books from the Book Fair! My students love them!! Thanks for always being so supportive. Everyone who attended our Open House said how much they enjoyed all of the events!


~ Melissa Behler (1st Grade)

Dear PTO,

Thank you so much for a Fun Open House and Book Fair week. The Art Show and Culture show were both amazing! Kim organized a fantastic Book Fair for the students. Thank you so much the the books!

~Tracy Deimler (1st Grade)

Teacher appreciation week is coming. Please read below and support this fantastic group of teachers we have. Enjoy your school day off on Monday, April 22 and enjoy Spring!

PSSA: We have a week break for testing and then we start our last round. Please make sure you have the following dates written down.

Tuesday, April 30 - Fresh start! Wear WHITE to show that you are ready to make a clean start. Wednesday, May 1 - A Bit of Sunshine! Wear a YELLOW shirt to school. Yellow activates your mind & puts a smile on your face. Thursday, May 2 - Wear BLACK and get ready to tackle science!

Friday, May 3 - Wear a PURPLE shirt. You have conquered the PSSAs like a king or queen!

BARN HILL PRESERVE ASSEMBLY: This will be held on Wednesday, April 24th. Please make sure you send in with your child the signed permission slip that was sent home. Please contact your teacher if you do not have this form.

TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK: It is one of the best of the whole year at is when we can come together to spoil our teachers and staff, and show them how much we appreciate them for ALL they do! This year, we will be celebrating them with a "Fiesta" theme:

MONDAY, 5/6/19 - "Room Service" - we will deliver snacks and drinks of their choice to classrooms

WEDNESDAY, 5/8/19 - Luncheon - we plan to feed 75-80 people!

FRIDAY, 5/10/19 - Coffee and breakfast treats in the teachers' lounge in the morning upon their arrival to school We are seeking donations of food/drink items, gift cards, and also a few volunteers to help make the week a success. Maize will be catering the beef, chicken, and a vegetarian option for the taco bar at the luncheon. With so many other fresh, refrigerated items needed, you will also notice that we have a need for grocery gift cards/cash to purchase those items...this should make it easier for everyone, rather than worrying about refrigeration when sending items into school with your child!

*Please note the due dates for items,* and feel free to contact Kim Firestone at if you have any questions or concerns. Please click here for the Sign-Up Genius. Thank you so much for your generosity!

FUN DAY: Our annual Fun Day event is coming up. Here is our schedule per class so you can write it down on your calendar to save the date. As we get closer we will send out a sign up sheet for our volunteers to come help their child(ren)'s class.

Friday, May 10

9:30-11:30am - MDS and IU13

1:15- 3:30pm - 2nd grade

Wednesday, May 15

9:15-11:30am - 1st grade

1:15 - 3:30pm - Kindergarten

Thursday, May 16

9:15-11:30am - 3rd grade

1:15- 3:30pm - 4th grade

SPRING FESTIVAL: We are looking for sponsors for the Spring Festival. Sponsors will be featured in the event program, will have professional signage with their sponsorship, and will have their logo displayed on the event banner. Please contact Beth Montague at or (610) 804-4949.for more information. Feel free to forward this post to family and friends who might be interested in being a sponsor at the largest Reidenbaugh event.

COMING SOON: Summer opportunities for our students. Keep your eyes open for the next newsletter!



4/29 - 5/03 - PSSA Math and Science (3rd and 4th graders)

5/07- PTO Meeting

5/08 - Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

5/10 - 1st Grade Books for Breakfast

5/17- Kids for a Cause collection Day

5/24- Red, White and Blue Day

5/24- Early Dismissal @ 1:40pm

5/27- No School

5/31- Spring Festival

6/4- 4th Grade Celebration

6/5- Last day of school

If the links seem not to be working, please try it again on a desktop computer. Thank you!

From the office: If your student is a car rider for the day, please send in a note. No changes may be made to a student's transportation after 3:00pm.

Students arriving after the 9:00AM bell must come to the school accompanied by a parent or guardian. The student must be signed in at the front office by the parent or guardian.

Please send in an excuse note the date your student returns from an absence.

An educational trip request form must be received in the office 1 (one) week prior to the absence or it will not be approved. All school work missed during the trip will be provided after the absence.

If you have any questions, or if your child is not at Reidenbaugh anymore, please contact us at

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