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Goodbye 2017

Greetings Hopper Families!!

So this is it for 2017. We are starting the last school week of the year. It's time to stop and think of what a success this year has been. Do you know that photo you took of your child on the first day of school? Look at it now. Notice how much he/she has changed these few months. Our kids have learned so many new things in and out of school, they have made new friends, tried new food (hopefully), shared laughter and love. Be proud!! Now it's time to show them that when a year ends, another begins. If them didn't get what they wanted in 2017, the new year brings new opportunities, a chance to try again. It's also time to thank all the help we got this year from everyone who came into our lives. To the Reidenbaugh staff, we thank you for being part of our lives, taking care of our kids, teaching them about the standard subjects and more, helping them deal with conflicts, assisting them in building their self steam and instilling in them the love for learning. We parents are blessed to have such a great school in our lives! To the PTO, thank you for not giving up on us, parents. We create our own conflicts and our PTO board is always ready to help fix things. They go beyond and take on projects that don't have a volunteer and cover extra costs. Thank you for keeping our kids as your main focus and providing so many enrichment throughout the school year. Thank you to all those volunteers who give their time to make things happen and,or who donate money to support the PTO initiatives. You have a great heart and we are blessed to be a part of this PTO. Happy Holidays to all!!

TAX EXEMPT STATUS: We are proud to announce we now have Tax Exempt Status! This happened thanks to our treasurer, George Georgelis, who looked into this and covered all the cost! What this means to us, PTO? We now don’t have to pay state, local nor income taxes. Also, there are some grants that are only offered to tax exempt status organizations. To us, parents, it means that every donation made to Reidenbaugh PTO are tax deductible. We like that, don't you?!

EARLY DISMISSAL: This Friday, December 22, is early dismissal to get you in the mood for the winter break. School will let out at 1:40pm.

NO SCHOOL: Our Winter Break will be from Monday, December 25 to Monday, January 1st. School will resume on Tuesday, January 2, at the normal time. See you all next year!!

DELAYS AND CLOSINGS: As it gets colder, we need to be prepared for the possibility of 2-hour delay or closing. When the weather forecast indicates a chance of hazardous driving conditions, the decision to close school (or delay school day start) will be make prior to 5:45am. An announcement will be posted in various communication channels. Here is the list of channels: Websites:,, Twitter: @manheimtownship Television stations: WGAL(NBC8), WHTM(ABC27), WPMT(FOX43) and WHP(CBS21). Radio stations: WROZ FM 101.3, WJTL FM 90.3 and WDAC FM 94.5



01/02 - School restarts

01/02 - PTO Meeting

01/15 - No School

From the office: If your student is a car rider for the day, please send in a note. No changes may be made to a student's transportation after 3:00pm.

Please send in an excuse note the date your student returns from an absence.

An educational trip request form must be received in the office 1 (one) week prior to the absence or it will not be approved. All school work missed during the trip will be provided after the absence

If you have any questions, or if your child is not at Reidenbaugh anymore, please contact us at

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