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Reidenbaugh is buzzing during the summer!

Hello Hopper Families!

I imagine everyone is enjoying their summer and we don't want to spoil your fun. Instead, we want to add to it! Remember we mentioned at the end of the school the Bathroom Makeover Project headed by Jen Boyer? It's completed and beautiful!! Jen, please raise one arm up. Now bend it behind your head and pat yourself on the back. You rock!! Thank you to the volunteers also. You are so appreciated. Here are some photos of the makeover.

Now, for those families who purchased tickets for our Summer Movie Night, it's today, Wednesday, July 18. No tickets were issued, instead you should have received confirmation via email. Tonight's movie, Hotel Transylvania 3, will be held in the IMAX theater, not the regular theater. The IMAX building sits just to the left of the regular movie theaters. Please plan to enter through the IMAX lobby to check in with Roseanne. Doors open at 6:30pm and movie will begin at 7pm. See you there!! If you have any questions, please contact Roseanne Myers at

Another project we have going on this summer is our Outdoor Sitting Area. It started at the end of the school year. Now we are in need of some volunteers to help put a few picnic tables and benches together. This is a great thing for moms, dads, big siblings and kids to do together! We are doing it on Tuesday, July 24 at 5:00pm. We have a couple families helping out but we still need more people. Come help us out! Great community project!! Please email Rebecca Stanion at if you would like more info!


SAFETY PATROL: On August 24, from 10 to 11am, the incoming Safety Patrols have training in the auditorium with Mrs. Eachus and Mr. Carney.

SUMMER BINGO: This will be sent home in Report Card Envelopes. To participate in the Summer BINGO Challenge, just color in the activities that you complete. Then, count up how many you do in each row and total at the bottom. If you complete at least 25/50 activities, you will earn a special treat in September. Forms are due to your teacher by Wednesday,September 5. The forms are here also, for your convenience.

August 27 is our first day of school.


If you have any questions, or if your child is not at Reidenbaugh anymore, please contact us at

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